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an angry oldman part II...



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Abdullah: Dr Mahathir free to say anything

SANDAKAN: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has said that his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was free to say whatever he wants.

“Tun is free to say anything and this is not a problem for me. We are a democratic nation,” the Prime Minister told reporters who asked him about the scathing attack on his administration by Dr Mahathir on Wednesday.

Abdullah said his priority was on fulfilling the mandate given by Malaysians during the general election to the Barisan Nasional administration under his leadership.

He said he took over the reigns of the Government about two-and-a-half-years ago when he became Prime Minister in 2003 and had just completed preparing the Ninth Malaysia Plan to meet the promises of the Barisan manifesto.

“I don't want to implement projects on an ad hoc and piecemeal basis. We have to see development in totality and lead the country towards Vision 2020,” Abdullah said after a ceremony to hand over keys to owners of the Taman Mesra low cost flats here yesterday.

Pointing out that development had to be carried out in stages, Abdullah said the Ninth Malaysia Plan was only the first step and that it would be followed by the 10th and 11th plans.

“Our aim is to realise our national mission and in this matter, implementation is a vital factor. People always complain about this. They make a lot of noise about the delivery of public services,” he added.

“We have to rectify this. If the matter is of utmost importance, we will have to concentrate on it.”

He said what was important now was that the Federal and state governments work closely in developing the country and helping the rakyat in implementing all the identified programmes.

“That is my duty,” said Abdullah, who was his usual smiling self as he declined to take further questions on Dr Mahathir's attack against him.

“Sudah lah, cukup lah... apa lain ada?” (Enough, enough ... do you have other questions?),” he said, adding that he had suspected that the earlier questions regarding his visit to Deramakot forest reserve was merely a decoy.

When a reporter remarked that both the forestry issue and Dr Mahathir’s statements were of interest to the media, Abdullah replied: “Are you sure? Thank you.”

Abdullah arrived in this east coast town at 10am yesterday and flew in a helicopter to the Deramakot forest reserve where he was briefed on sustainable forest management.

Accompanied by Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman and his state Cabinet members, Abdullah also attended a meet-the-people dinner at Yu Yuan Secondary School hall.

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It’s just another day for Dr Mahathir

PETALING JAYA: Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad spent the day at his office in Putrajaya meeting visitors and chairing the Perdana Leadership Foundation's annual general meeting.

An aide, when contacted, said Dr Mahathir had visitors from Morocco in the morning.

“After the visit, Dr Mahathir was interviewed by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Shimbun,” the aide added.

Later in the afternoon, he said Dr Mahathir chaired the foundation's annual general meeting.

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Leaders stand up for PM

KUALA LUMPUR: More key Barisan Nasional leaders joined the chorus of support for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi following the criticism of his leadership by his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Deputy MCA president Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said Abdullah had been working hard to take Malaysia to greater heights.

He said decisions affecting national policies and projects were made collectively in the Cabinet and it was not the sole decision of anyone.

“These decisions were taken after careful consideration. Decisions taken were in the interest of Malaysia,” the Transport Minister said.

MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the party would continue to support Abdullah’s leadership.

The people should give the Prime Minister the opportunity to do his work and enable him to achieve the country’s goals.

The Works Minister also said he was sad over the strained ties between the present and former premiers.

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad rebutted the accusation that Abdullah had dismantled many of his predecessor’s policies and projects.

In fact, he said, Abdullah had presented a comprehensive 9th Malaysia Plan to achieve Dr Mahathir's Vision 2020.

Expressing shock and surprise at the turn of events, Radzi said Abdullah should be given a chance to manage the country.

Umno information chief Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib said Abdullah's policies and decisions were based on the people’s expectations for a more transparent and open government.

“The Prime Minister has discharged his duties with excellence after receiving the biggest mandate ever in the last general election,” he said.

“There is no question of him stabbing past leaders in the back because whatever he has done so far was meant to protect the country’s interest.”

Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin said Dr Mahathir’s criticism undermined the credibility and integrity of Abdullah and the Government.

Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said Dr Mahathir might have been influenced by certain people who told him that he no longer enjoyed the support of Umno.

Zainuddin said he told Datuk Mukhriz (Dr Mahathir’s son) that this was untrue.

“As a close friend (of Dr Mahathir), I cannot deny that there are people who may have influenced his perception.”

Terengganu Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh said there should not be any bickering between the past and present leaders as they were part of the same party which formed the Government.

“While we appreciate and value the contributions of past leaders, there can only be one leader at any one time,” he said.

Negri Sembilan Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Hasan said Abdullah was the choice of the people and should be given a chance to manage the nation without distraction.

Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said every leader had his own style of work, so Abdullah should be allowed to make his own decisions.

Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said even after Abdullah was chosen as the new president and had taken over as Prime Minister, he always reminded everyone about the success that Dr Mahathir had achieved.

Selangor Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir said: “As government officers, we must support the Prime Minister. Each leader has his own vision, such as Islam Hadhari, and we must strive to achieve the vision for the good of the people.”

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PAS offers Mahathir platform to air grievances

ALOR STAR: PAS is not taking sides in the feud between former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and successor Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, its president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said.

However, the party was willing to give Dr Mahathir a platform to air his grievances.

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Anwar weighs in on brewing feud

ALOR STAR: Former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim called on opposition party members not to be distracted by the feud between Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“We need to remain focussed on our political agenda. We do not want to interfere in the feud between the two,” he said in a ceramah at the 52nd PAS muktamar at Kota Sarang Semut near here yesterday.

Anwar said the focus should be on the issue and not the personalities.

“I think it is pertinent at this point that the Prime Minister should respond to the allegations of corruption and mismanagement. I think Abdullah must put the record straight and not be defensive,” he said.

“Both Tun and Pak Lah have a lot of explanation to do,” he said.

On whether he would lead Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Anwar said it was not possible at the moment because the law did not allow him to do so.

“I am barred from being active in politics. However, I am committed to Keadilan.”

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Retire with dignity, Karpal tells Dr Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR: Ride into the sunset with grace and dignity. This is the advice of DAP chairman Karpal Singh to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Karpal Singh said it did not bode well for the elder statesman to publicly voice his grouses against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

“Dr Mahathir must accept that his time was up when he passed the baton of leadership to Abdullah. There is no turning back,” said Karpal Singh in a statement.

“During his tenure as PM, Dr Mahathir was known to attract controversy to the extent of hitting out at leaders of other countries. He should understand that he cannot do that now,” he said.

He also said Dr Mahathir's choice of Abdullah over Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak should have remained something close to his chest, particularly so when he himself was chosen by Tun Hussein Onn as Deputy Prime Minister over other capable leaders.

If Dr Mahathir had intended to be actively involved politics he should have remained in the government as a senior minister – as in the case of Lee Kuan Yew, who had vowed to remain in the Singapore government as long as he could, said Karpal Singh.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said the time had come for Abdullah to stand up to Dr Mahathir and show that he stands for political equality, socio-economic justice and an all-out campaign against corruption.

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The velvet gloves come off

Comment by WONG CHUN WAI

IT has been brewing for close to a year now. He made known his unhappiness – in his usual sardonic and sarcastic way – to a small circle of listeners that the Abdullah administration has not run the country well.

But on Wednesday, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad took off his gloves to launch what the media has termed his strongest criticism against the Prime Minister.

He accused Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of dismantling many of his policies and projects, and said that Abdullah was not his first choice as his successor and that the mild-mannered politician had betrayed his trust.

These were harsh and hurtful words which shocked ordinary Malaysians, who until now had little inkling of the pent-up frustrations of the former premier.

Sharp remarks against the leadership earlier were given scant coverage, but media space grew following his recent criticism of the government's decision to scrap the Johor bridge.

Abdullah, aware of the stinging comments, had maintained his calm and refused to let himself be drawn into a verbal war. At Cabinet meetings, he told his ministers he would not do so, although at least one minister had strongly urged him to defend himself.

It may just be the most effective tactic. It has helped Abdullah maintain his dignity while at the same time, prevent an escalating fight between the two respected figures.

For Dr Mahathir, the immediate verdict among ordinary Malaysians and Umno members, is divided. Many feel he should act more like a statesman and let his handpicked successor carry on the job of running the country, while there are those, especially businessmen, who have compared his legacy to that of Abdullah.

Some business and political groups claimed he had stronger economic fundamentals and that Malaysia was falling behind in the region.

Last week, Abdullah pointed out that Malaysia had done well and improved its competitiveness rating, calling for faster implementation of the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

With the open fallout between Dr Mahathir and Abdullah, the question now is where does it go from here?

Dr Mahathir, at 81, is still robust and out-spoken. No one can stop him from speaking out as he has done all these years, no matter how irritating it may be to the powers that be.

We have all applauded him many times as the spokesman for the Third World, for his tough words against the United States. No one should be surprised if he does the same for domestic issues. That is the Dr M that we know and love. Nothing will change.

For Malaysian journalists, the first blow against Abdullah came on Aug 8, 2005, during a private dinner with 10 senior editors to celebrate his 80th birthday.

It was arranged by a prominent businessman, among others, for me to patch up with Dr Mahathir following his unhappiness with me.

On May 30, 2005, he had called a press conference to tick me off for my comments that during his 22 years tenure, he could have done more to combat graft.

At the same press conference, where he spoke on the Approved Permit (AP) issue of importing cars against Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, Dr Mahathir said he wished he could have done more, such as carrying out anti-corruption campaigns. He also expressed disappointment with my article.

We patched up all right but during the dinner that lasted over two hours, he startled, if not shocked us, with his no-holds barred comments against Abdullah. Journalists, as the saying goes, are witnesses to history.

What he said affected us so much that we compared notes as he left, to make sure we got our quotes right so that we could include them in our memoirs.

With over 10 people present, there could never be a secret and word went out on what Dr Mahathir had said.

Later, the press was to witness similar expressions of unhappiness from Dr Mahathir.

One sore point with the former premier were allegations that he had used up money for mega projects and that the country had no more money. He would always rattle off figures to argue his case.

“The Government has lots of money and Putrajaya is built largely from Petronas funds. Petronas made a profit of RM50bil last year and this year it made RM83bil and spent RM13bil to subsidise petrol prices of the public,” he said on Wednesday.

“It still has about RM70bil. It will pay tax of RM30bil and have RM40bil left. Petronas must give, as it belongs to the Government. So to say the previous government has spent all the money is not supported by facts.”

What has happened on Wednesday has been deja vu for older Malaysians. Dr Mahathir was sacked from Umno in 1969 for his criticism of Tunku Abdul Rahman. When Dr Mahathir was prime minister, the Tunku campaigned for Parti Melayu Semangat 46 against Dr Mahathir during the elections.

Writing in his As I See It column, the Tunku was critical of what Dr Mahathir did and it must have disturbed Dr Mahathir, who would probably have seen it as interference from a retired prime minister.

Unfortunately, history has repeated itself. This time, it has become more complicated because Dr Mahathir has a larger than life image for many Malaysians as he had been the only Prime Minister they had known for a long time.

It will not be easy, even unfair, for anyone to compare Abdullah’s three years against Dr Mahathir’s 22 years of leadership. It will be something Pak Lah has to live with.

But Pak Lah has incumbency on his side. Pledges of support from Barisan Nasional and Umno leaders have been immediate and are surely a boost to his firm grip of the coalition and party.

Just in case anyone missed a remark by the Prime Minister on Tuesday, he said he has been given the tag of Mr Nice Guy. But not anymore and that’s a loaded remark!

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Has Dr M gone too far this time?

Analysis by JOCELINE TAN

IT LOOKS like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has decided to burn his bridges.

The former premier's latest comments about the Abdullah administration, or more specifically, about his successor seem to suggest he has reached a sort of political point-of-no-return.

He not only lashed out at the policies of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, but has gone as far as to declare that Abdullah was not his first choice.

Abdullah, he said, was actually his second choice.

His statement was staggering and sent shock waves through a good number of Malaysians, particularly through the rank and file of Umno.

Some think it was not an uncontrolled outburst but a calculated statement aimed at pushing his dissatisfaction with the affairs of state to another level.

He was so cool at the press conference that gave rise to yesterday's stunning headlines, looking polished in a steel-grey bush suit and with not a hair out of place.

Dr Mahathir has done press interviews so many times that there is no question he is not ready for. And he fielded every question so matter-of-factly that it took a few seconds for the gravity of his words to sink in for some of the journalists present.

He was probably well aware of the implications of coming out so aggressively and directly against Abdullah and his administration. He was, after all, in power for 22 years.

But the power of incumbency, as former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam once said, should never be underestimated.

As expected, Cabinet members, state leaders and Umno leaders have rallied behind the Prime Minister, declaring their loyalty to him and defending him and his policies.

One of those who have come out strongly for Abdullah has been Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is currently on an official visit to India.

The pressure was on Najib to take the lead in showing his support for the Prime Minister, but as one of his aides said, “he would have done it even if he wasn't asked”.

“The DPM's stand is clear – undivided loyalty to the PM and respect for the former PM. Pak Lah leads the government of the day while Dr Mahathir has done big things for which we are grateful,” said Razak Baginda who heads a think-tank linked to Najib.

But generally, many of those who are part of the Government today are highly uncomfortable with the way Dr Mahathir has forced the issue.

Many of them owe their upward career path to him but they also owe where they are today to Abdullah who has his own style and set of priorities.

They admit Dr Mahathir has the right to air his views, but in a constructive way and in the manner of an elder statesman.

Some feel his remarks about his successor have been more akin to that of the political opposition. His views, they feel, have also grown increasingly personal and cutting.

What he said on Wednesday was perhaps the deepest cut.

It amounted to disowning his choice of successor and was as good as a severing of ties.

But can one disown one's own decision without casting some aspersions on oneself?

Does the admission of a poor decision also not reflect on the decision-maker?

And as many have pointed out, he chose Abdullah but since then, Abdullah has gone on to secure a convincing mandate of his own from the people.

They feel Dr Mahathir does not seem to acknowledge this important factor in his verdict on the present Government.

Some think Dr Mahathir is trying to provoke a reaction from Abdullah.

Abdullah is unlikely to react in haste.

From day one, he has not said anything, partly out of respect for his predecessor and partly because it is not in his nature to fight a war of words.

But those close to him said that Dr Mahathir had simply reached the end of his tether and the cancellation of the bridge project in Johor was the proverbial last straw.

“You people have no idea how strongly he felt about Singapore and the bridge. Tun feels that since he can no longer canvass for votes from the Umno leadership, he will do it through the masses who read the news,'' said a Mahathir loyalist.

Malaysians knew that Dr Mahathir would be a tough act to follow and pity the man who has to fill his shoes. And not many expected him to let go completely, knowing his indomitable will and sheer force of personality.

But few thought that he would take on his successor and the Government this way. Is it possible he has gone too far this time?

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Dr M tukar rentak

Oleh Norfatimah Ahmad

Bekas PM dakwa serangannya bukan bersifat peribadi

KUALA LUMPUR: Dua hari selepas lantang mengkritik Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sebaliknya mempertahankan bahawa beliau tidak berhasrat untuk bertelingkah dengan penggantinya itu.

Sesudah antara lain menyifatkan Abdullah tidak berterima kasih kepadanya, mungkir janji dengan mengubah beberapa dasar yang diperkenalkannya, malah mengandaikan penggantinya itu adalah pilihan yang silap, Dr Mahathir semalam mendakwa serangannya bukan bersifat peribadi tetapi sekadar mahukan penjelasan berhubung beberapa isu dan keputusan yang dibuat kerajaan.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu turut menghalakan kritikan lanjutnya kepada jemaah menteri, bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tun Musa Hitam, serta bekas menteri, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, yang semuanya menganggap teguran keras beliau tidak wajar, keterlaluan dan boleh menjejaskan kestabilan parti.

Malah, Menteri Besar Perlis, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, yang menawarkan diri sebagai orang tengah dalam meleraikan perkembangan yang rata-rata dilihat sebagai perselisihan, turut tidak terkecuali daripada sindiran pedasnya.

“Bukan nak bertelingkah, tapi saya tak setuju dengan beberapa perkara yang dibuat dan nak tahu kenapa,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas berucap pada Pameran Islam Antarabangsa 2006 di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra, di sini, semalam.

Dr Mahathir berkata, beliau kecewa kerana tidak memperoleh jawapan kepada persoalan yang dikemukakan, sebaliknya diminta diam sedangkan ada pihak tertentu mendakwanya membelanjakan duit kerajaan secara berlebihan untuk beberapa projek mega.

Bagaimanapun, beliau mengakui dakwaan itu bukan dibuat oleh Abdullah, sebaliknya oleh orang lain.

“PM tidak pernah mengatakannya, (malah) PM tidak pernah berkata apa-apa. Tetapi ada orang yang kata projek mega tidak dapat dilaksanakan sebab duit sudah habis sedangkan saya tahu (kerajaan) duit banyak, malah lebih banyak daripada masa saya dulu,” katanya.

Katanya, penjelasan kepada beberapa persoalan yang dibangkitkannya penting kerana ia membabitkan keputusan yang dibuat kepemimpinan baru negara berkaitan pelbagai projek yang dimulakan ketika beliau menerajui kerajaan.

Rabu lalu, Dr Mahathir melemparkan kritikan paling keras terhadap pentadbiran Abdullah termasuk menuduh penggantinya itu menikam beliau dari belakang.

Beliau yang sebelum ini mempertikaikan beberapa keputusan kerajaan termasuk pembatalan projek jambatan menggantikan Tambak Johor, tanpa berselindung menyuarakan kekecewaannya terhadap pentadbiran Abdullah.

Bagaimanapun, Abdullah dalam reaksinya kelmarin berkata, kenyataan Dr Mahathir itu tidak menjejaskan tumpuannya melaksanakan agenda membangunkan negara, malah enggan memanjangkan isu itu kerana menyifatkan bekas Perdana Menteri berhak bersuara mengikut amalan demokrasi.

Menegaskan semula semalam bahawa beliau hanya meminta jawapan dan kritikan beliau terhadap Abdullah bukan bersifat peribadi, Dr Mahathir berkata, penjelasan itu tidak semestinya daripada Perdana Menteri kerana beliau sendiri sudah bertemu Abdullah di Jepun baru-baru ini, tanpa memperoleh sebarang jawapan.

“Macam sindiran kononnya projek mega habiskan duit kerajaan... saya berasa kecil hatilah sikit sebab keputusan dibuat bersama (jemaah Menteri).

“Bayangkan, dua hari sebelum itu, (kerajaan) kata akan bina jambatan tapi dua hari selepas itu pula, apabila Perdana Menteri kata tak akan bina jambatan, semua menteri setuju. Jadi kita berasa susah hati sikit.

“Sehingga tunduk kepada Singapura... malulah saya. Apa yang kita takut sangat pada (bekas Perdana Menteri Singapura) Goh Chok Tong... dia bukan boleh makan kita,” katanya mengulangi pendiriannya bahawa kerajaan tidak sepatutnya membatalkan projek pembinaan jambatan menggantikan Tambak Johor.

Dr Mahathir berkata, beliau gembira Perdana Menteri memberi hak untuknya bercakap dan menegaskan beliau akan menuntut haknya itu dan akan terus bersuara selagi gagal mendapatkan jawapan berhubung isu yang diketengahkan.

“Saya tiada masalah dengan kerajaan. Saya ada masalah dengan ‘benda’ (beberapa isu tertentu) ni saja... takkan tak boleh tanya kenapa. Apa nak malunya, kita cakaplah kerana ini hal politik, semua orang nak tahu.

“Apa sebab jambatan itu tidak boleh dibuat sedangkan kita sudah mula kerja dan pihak Singapura tak bantah apa pun. Ia mula pada masa saya lagi,” katanya yang turut meminta penjelasan mengapa syarikat MV Agusta dijual pada harga satu euro.

Dr Mahathir juga meminta penjelasan mengapa Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff meletak jawatannya dan mendakwa beliau melakukan tugasnya dengan baik sebagai Ketua Eksekutif Proton.

“Saya hanya minat untuk dapatkan jawapan dan ia tak perlulah daripada Abdullah,” katanya yang mendakwa sudah pernah menulis kepada pihak berkenaan untuk penjelasan tetapi tidak mendapat jawapan.

Dr Mahathir berkata, beliau sedia menjadi mangsa kecaman pelbagai pihak kerana mengkritik Perdana Menteri sekarang, asalkan persoalan yang bermain di fikirannya serta apa yang pernah ditimbulkan pelbagai pihak kepadanya, terjawab.

Bagaimanapun, kata Dr Mahathir, sehingga kini, di sebalik bertindak menjelaskan subjek yang ditimbulkan, pelbagai pihak lebih gemar menumpukan kepada kenyataan yang dibuatnya.

“Mungkin mereka tiada jawapan. Tapi mereka kata Dr Mahathir tak boleh cakap macam itu, dia tidak berhak, dia bekas Perdana Menteri, pergi tidur la... termasuk menteri Kabinet yang sebelum ini dalam barisan Kabinet saya dulu.

“Setiap keputusan dibuat secara kolektif dan keputusan yang dibuat dulu, tetapi bila dapat pemimpin baru yang tidak setuju dengannya, mereka juga tak bersetuju. Menteri Kabinet masa saya dulu semuanya sudah terbalik sekarang.

“Saya dapati dalam negara ini sekarang, semua orang tutup mulut. Jika mereka tutup mulut, ia okey. Jadi saya buka mulut dan jadi mangsa tapi okey sebab saya tidur nyenyak,” katanya.

Mengenai kenyataan Tengku Razaleigh menganggap tindakan Dr Mahathir mengkritik Abdullah akan menyebabkan perpecahan dalam parti, beliau berkata, bekas Menteri Kewangan itu sekadar mengingatkan beliau mengenai kesalahan yang pernah dilakukannya ketika menubuhkan Semangat 46 dan menyebabkan Umno berpecah.

Malah, Dr Mahathir juga menempelak Musa yang berpandangan bahawa beliau (Dr Mahathir) tidak mengikut tradisi Umno dengan membuat teguran terbuka sedangkan bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu sendiri sebelumnya melakukan yang sama.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu turut menuduh Timbalan Pengerusi The New Straits Times Press (Malaysia) Berhad (NSTP), Datuk Kalimullah Hassan, mempunyai pengaruh agar akhbar tidak menulis mengenai beliau.

“Tak perlulah tulis semua ini. Anda tak boleh tulis kerana Kalimullah akan buat panggilan telefon. Semalam Kalimullah membuat panggilan berkenaan, dia menghubungi The Star,” katanya.

Ketua Pengarang Kumpulan The Star, Datuk Wong Sulong, bagaimanapun menafikan dengan keras pernah menerima sebarang nasihat atau arahan daripada Kalimullah.

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