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Whopping catch

It was the catch of a lifetime and Ugak Layu, a 50-something amateurweekend fisherman from Rumah Nading, Gaat in Baleh, Kuching, is laughing all the way to the bank.

He has become something of a local celebrity as well, with the story of his rare catch all over the front pages of Sarawak’s newspapers.

On one of his regular fishing trips last weekend, the self-described ‘passionate fisherman’ Ugak Layu caught a 20kg ikan empurau.

A freshwater fish found in native to Sungai Rajang and its tributaries (Baleh and Katibas), the empurau is the most expensive fish in the country, selling for about RM450 per kilo. Based on Kapit prices, Ugak could have easily netted RM9,000.

If he sold it in Sibu, he would have made even more. But Ugak is not saying anything. All he says is that he sold it to a local fishmonger. The Chinese believe that the Yon Bu Lau (fish that never grows old) will give them long life whenif they eat it.

That, coupled with the rarity of catching such a large empurau, the price of the fish could have been driven the price even higher. — Picture courtesy of Favian Masing

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ko nak masak apa ikan tu?

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